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Little Tigers

Little Tigers program at Kim's Taekwondo School

10 Commandments

1. Obey Parents and Grandparents
2. Cooperate with Brothers and Sisters
3. Do Chores around the House
4. Keep Body, Hair, and Teeth Clean
5. Eat and Sleep Properly
6. Don't Interupt Adult Conversations
7. Do Homework as a First Priority
8. Respect Teachers and Elders
9. Be Truthful and Honest
10. Always Finish What's Started

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Adult Taekwondo classes

Work out and learn to defend yourself at the same time! Taekwondo provides an exciting alternative to the traditional work-outs. Unlike any programmed, machine-like routine, our Adult Taekwondo program allows for a more dynamic and energetic class. Since 1971, Kim's TKD has been helping adults improve their physical and mental health, as well as their overall well-being. The adult program works as a great stress reliever, and energizes the student to live a better "black-belt life" -- black belt parents, black belt spouses and black belt employees. No age is "too old" to be healthy. No life is "too busy" to start on your goals today. We believe balance is the best way to achieve a better life.

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Family Taekwondo Classes

Family Classes are designed with the motto: "A Family that Kicks Together, Sticks Together." At Kim's Taekwondo having a friendly, family-type atmosphere is what we pride ourselves in. You'll see why the Taekwondo culture stresses the importance of family, and be able to find that family activity that parents, kids, brothers and sisters will all enjoy. Family rates are available!

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Competition Team

Competition Team is for those who wish to compete at local, and national level tournaments. Teams forming now!!!!!

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Yong MooDo

Yong MooDo is a Korean martial arts developed at Yong-In University, S. Korea. It combines the dynamic kicking of Taekwondo, as well as the grappling of Judo, Hapkido, Jiu-Jitsu and many other martial arts. "Nak-bop," or the theory of how to fall, is an integral part of this training. It allows the practicioner to fall down without injury. The throwing techniques are based on these falling techniques.

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Weapons Classes

Learn to master the art of Gumdo (sword), staff, nun chucks and much more through our world class instructors! Better your dexterity, concentration, balance and hand-eye coordination in a safe and exciting way.

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Conditioning Classes

Conditioning classes stress endurance, speed, agility, muscle strength and explosiveness. Whether you want to train to compete at a high level, or just want to get in shape, these classes are designed to get you in peak shape for ultra high-level performance. With interval training, each class is designed to get the most out of each session. You'll never be more satisfied with this total conditioning class!

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